Mai kueh kueh! We know you'll love this list of local kueh-inspired goodies.

1. Gay Lapis tee by Temasek Clothings, from SGD 25

Our happy rainbow lapis tee was made for Pink Dot 2015, and hopes to stick with you for a long, long time! 
Available on White and Pink tees, in Kids', Men's and Women's sizes.

Buy it from: Temasek Clothings lah, abuden!


2. Lapis Sagu Earrings by Miniature Asian Chef, $18

What's better than kueh? Teensy tiny kueh. On your ears.

Buy it from: Miniature Asian Chef by Juliana. Also available as cufflinks.


3. Kueh Lapis Pin by wheniwasfour, SGD 15.90

Take a little rainbow wherever you go with this kueh lapis pin, perfect when pinned on a shirt or tote.

Buy it from: wheniwasfour 


4. Nyonya Kueh Sticky Notes by THE FARM STORE, SGD 15

Note to self: There's no such thing as too many kuehs.

Buy it from: THE FARM STORE


5. Png Kueh Girl Wristlet Bag by Ang Ku Kueh Girl, SGD 26.90

This handy (ehehe) wristlet looks exactly like a png kueh — so cute, we can't even.

Buy it from: Ang Ku Kueh Girl


6. Jiu Ceng Gao Badge by Donn Koh for THE FARM STORE, SGD 18

The real deal's delish, but also sticky and oily. If you like clean design and clean shirts, this pin is for you. 
Just don't ask why there are only 6 layers on this 九层糕 (nine-layer kueh).

Buy it from: THE FARM STORE.


7. Ang Ku Kueh Earrings by Miniature Asian Chef, SGD 18

Measuring just 1cm wide, the details on these earrings are just insane.  

Buy it from: Miniature Asian Chef by Juliana.


Kuehs of both the edible and wearable variety are awesome and you should totally make space in your life for some. Or, wear 'em all at once and really look like a weirdo. Anything goes! Kuehs are soft and caring and will accept you no matter what.

Everything you see here is also available on — if you're thinking of getting more than one, shop with Naiise and save on shipping!


August 26, 2015 — Temasek Clothings
Tags: Gift Ideas