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Christmas shopping is fun. Until it's not, because shopping for some people can be incredibly painful. 

These may include dadsany member of the male species, rich people who already have everything, and friends with zero hobbies

But don't worry — if Christmas is the season of giving, then our gift guide is here to make giving a piece of fruit cake.

1. The Distant Uncle / 5th Step-Aunt On Your Mum's Side

This is what you get for people you don't know anything about, other than the fact that you're somehow related.

2. The Vegan

Because if there's anything we know about vegans, it's that they love vegetables.

After all, the root word (heh) of vegan is vegetable, right? That's where it stems from? Ha. Anybody?

If you're on a really really tight budget this year, there's also the amazing Stunned Vegetables LINE 40-sticker pack for SGD 1.28, which you can send as a gift.


3. The Designer

Is said person an interior designer? A 3D artist? A UX technologist? Not sure? Neh mind, because any self-respecting design person will appreciate these. 

4. The Cheenapiang

This shirt is great for anyone who speaks above-average Mandarin, has taken Higher Chinese or whose name is Xiao Ming, Xiao Li or Xiao Hua.


5. The Beer Uncle

Remember that one time your friend ordered a Tiger Tower? Perfect.

6. The Social Media Influencer

"All I know is that you hashtag a lot and your Instagram is filled with selfies and 5% off discount codes"

7. The Chiongster

For the person who spends Fridays and Saturdays clubbing and Sundays hungover. Check their Facebook timeline to confirm.

8. The Expat

When the Office Secret Santa list is up and your giftee happens to be that one random ang moh you've barely spoken to.

9. And if all else fails, and the only thing you know about that person is his surname...

10. Or race...

Get your Christmas shopping done early!
Most of our tees are made to order and will take around 7-10 working days, so shop early to avoid the Christmas rush. 
The cut-off date for Christmas orders on the first week of December.

Save more when you buy directly from us. 
Enjoy a couple of dollars off every tee when you buy from us directly, as compared to our retail partners. That's because a commission is charged for every purchase made through our retail spaces. By buying straight from online merchants like us, you'll help to support independent shops directly, and we get to pass the huge savings on to you. Whee!

Merry early Christmas from all (two) of us at Temasek Clothings. May your festive shopping be relatively painless and your joys overflow like a thousand liu sha baos.

November 23, 2015 by Temasek Clothings